Better than Truck Tailgate Wraps

Truck tailgate wraps are great for advertising your business or your passion.  However, they are a pain to deal with and can damage your vehicle.  Biggie Billboards is excited to offer an affordable solution to bring visibility to your business or passion. Our truck tailgate billboards are a better solution to maximize your exposure and share your message with the world! 

Use Biggie Billboards' truck tailgate billboards as an alternative to truck tailgate wraps to show clear, easy-to-read messages about your business to thousands of people. Simply drive around with a billboard on your car and watch the customers start pouring in — it's a low-cost investment with fantastic returns.

Take Advantage of Traffic!

Your tailgate is in front of thousands of people every day. Put a Biggie Billboard on your tailgate and share your message with the world.

Patent-Pending Technology

Biggie’s patent-pending technology creates the world's first removable and re-usable tailgate banner. 100% custom made to fit your truck so you can take it on and off quickly and easily.

Engineered tough but gentle

We love trucks, and we know you love your truck too. That’s why we’ve engineered Biggie to be tough but gentle on your truck, with no-scratch materials and rubber-padded parts.

Truck Tailgate Billboards

With Biggie Billboards™, you can now make a significant impact on your business, increasing your company's visibility and growing your bottom line with one of our stunning billboards. Mobile advertising is the most effective and efficient form of outdoor advertising. 98% of Americans are reached by media-targeted to vehicle drivers and passengers. It is estimated that vehicle advertising generates 30,000 to 70,000 mobile impressions per day! That is a lot of visibility. And our Biggie Billboards™ are 100% less expensive than car wraps. It only takes a few steps: input the make, model and year of your vehicle, choose a ready-made billboard image template, customize the design as necessary, order your new Biggie Billboard™ just in time to promote your business.

When we say easy, we mean really easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions about Biggie Billboards, we have answers. Check out our most commonly asked questions below and contact us for more information!


How do I know what size I should order for my truck?

We have the exact measurements of windows for almost every trucks specific make and model! Simply input your trucks information, and we'll make sure your tailgate billboard fits your car window perfectly. 

Do I need to design my own truck billboard, or will you create it for me?

We can design your personal truck tailgate billboard for you! Once we've received payment, we will start on your design and send you a proof once we've finished. If you're happy with your design, great! We'll start production once we've received your approval. If not, we'll keep tweaking the design until you're 100% satisfied. After all, it's going on your truck! 

Once we've begun making your truck billbaordl, it'll take us about 7-10 days to finish and get it shipped to you. If you need your tailgate billboard faster than that, please let us know, so we can talk about rush service.

Installation and Removal

How do I install my new Truck Tailgate Billboard?

Installation is so simple that it can only take 10-20 minutes. Installation is best done on a flat surface like a table:

  1. Locate the Tensioner and Anchor Assembly

  • The Tensioner and Anchor are already connected to the Tensioning Cord

  • The Tensioner is marked with a colored sticker on the back

  1. Insert the Tensioning Cord into the open hem

  • Lay your billboard flat on the table, printed side down, and open hem at the top

  • Place the Tensioner (remember, that is the piece marked with a colored sticker on the back) on the RIGHT HAND SIDE of the billboard, just past the end of the billboard

  • Place the Anchor on the left-hand side of the billboard, just past the end of the billboard

  • Insert the loose Tensioning Cord into the open hem of the billboard

  • Be sure to push the Tensioning Cord against the fold line of the billboard

  1. Insert the Safety Line into the hem
  • Your kit includes 14 feet of safety line

  • Insert the Safety Line into the open hem such that a roughly equal amount of line is free of each side of the hem

  1. Close the hem

  1. Ensure the Tensioning Cord and the Safety Line are clear of the VELCRO and close the hem using the Velcro-like hook and loop materials

  1. Inspect the hem to ensure the lines have not penetrated the hem edge

  1. Pull the Tensioner and the Anchor to remove excess slack in the Tensioning Cord

  • There should be free line between the Tensioner or Anchor and the Billboard 

How do I connect the attachment system to my truck?

For both the left and the right sides of the tailgate:

  1. Reference x and mark the billboard height using a soft measuring tape and a piece of protective tape

  • Apply tape to the tailgate edge such that the top of the tape corresponds to the desired height

  • Open the tailgate such that it is ajar

  • Bisect the tape with the tailgate edge – 50% of the tape should be on the front of the tailgate, 50% should wrap around the edge

  • Close the tailgate

  1. For both the left and the right sides of the tailgate

  • Attach the Retaining Clip on the tailgate

  • The top of the clip should line up with the top of the tape

  • The clip should fit on the tailgate snugly – it’s ok if it takes a little bit of force to put the clip on

  • The clip must be fully inserted/pressed/right word? – there should not be any space between the tailgate and the clip

  1. If the fit is not snug, cover the retaining clip finger with x

See our full page on installation for your truck

That's it! Installing your Biggie Billboard is easy and takes minutes. If you need help with installation, we recommend enlisting the help of a friend or family member to position the billboard in the correct place.

How do I remove my truck billboard?

Hopefully, you've gotten some good use out of your truck tailgate billboard! Now it may be time to remove your billboard and replace it with a fresh design. If you want to take your billboard off, you can simply reverse your installation instructions. If you're removing an old Biggie Billboard to install a new one, make sure to clean the windshield surface in between. 

Care, Maintenance, and Use

Do Biggie Billboards last?

Our truck tailgate billboards are insanely durable! These can last the duration of your vehicle and can be swapped out for other billboards or vehicles.

How can I best care for my new Biggie Billboard?

Don't be afraid to take your truck through the car wash when it gets dirty! Our durable billboards can withstand cleaning, whether by hand with soap and water or a standard automated car wash. 

Business Owners and Consumers

I'm a business owner. Why should I buy a Biggie Billboard?

It all comes down to psychology. Think of all the cars you see as you drive around town. Most of them are plain, with no words or decals on them. Anything out of this ordinary is something you'd notice, right? 

Biggie Billboards take advantage of human psychology by making your car stand out and getting people to pay attention. People are sure to remember seeing a huge decal for a business in the back of your vehicle. 

Best of all, your vehicle doesn't even need to be a business vehicle for you to put a decal on it! If you're just going shopping, running to pick up groceries, or driving around town, you're getting tons of views for your business.

Biggie’s tailgate billboards are essentially a mobile billboard for your business. They seamlessly cover your back window with a high-quality image and design that is professional and “pops”!

I'm NOT a business owner, but I'm still interested in Biggie Billboards. Why should I buy one?

Are you passionate about a particular sports team? Ask us to make a Biggie Billboard for it!

Are you a proud parent wanting to showcase your child's talents or accomplishments? We can design a personalized dedication for your kids!

Is your family member a veteran or in the armed forces? We'll create a beautiful dedication to them that you can stick on your rear window!

Even if you're not a business owner, you can benefit from Biggie Billboards. Our personalized decals offer you a way to express yourself on your vehicle. Most people would just think of adding bumper stickers or new paint. With our personalized, high-quality decals, you can use your vehicle as a means of personal expression!