Frequently Asked Questions

Product Performance

All our products are proudly made in the USA.

While the exact useful life of your billboard depends upon where you live and the conditions your billboard is exposed to, the expected performance life is 1 year.

While UV light from the sun will eventually fade your billboard, most Biggie Billboard owners can expect their billboard to resist significant fading for approximately one year. The rate of fading will vary depending on the amount and intensity of UV exposure. 

Creating Your Billboard & Using the Website

We’re sorry your vehicle isn’t in our database. We support the majority of trucks in operation in the United States. Please Contact Us By Clicking Here and we’ll notify you when we can make a custom made Biggie Billboard for your truck.  

We currently offer billboards in English only, but we are working to provide more language options in the near future. Remember, too, that you can customize the text in your design to the language of your choice.

Biggie Billboards supports freedom of speech. We’re honored and proud to support your First Amendment rights. However, there are things we don’t support, including hate speech, harassment, and violence. For a complete discussion on this topic, please go to our Terms of Service.

Please check your upload speed – if it’s too slow, that could be the problem. If your upload speed is at least 3 Mbps and you’re still having issues, email your image to and we will see if we can figure out the issue quickly.

Our image library includes both custom-made designs and images from leading image libraries, and we're adding more every day. You can also upload your own images and change designs to meet your needs. 

We’re sorry if you can’t find what you’re interested in, but please tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll try to add it to our collection. Email You can also contact us Here.   

Ordering & Shipping

If you’ve already placed your order, email us at If your order has not been printed, we may be able to modify it. If your order has already been printed, then unfortunately it cannot be modified.

We’re sorry we were not able to authorize your transaction. Please try again. If that doesn’t work, please contact your banking institution or credit card company, or try a different card.  

Your purchase confirmation email contains a link that will let you check on the status of your order. If you didn't receive it, email us at

Billboards are typically shipped 7-10 business days from time of order.

We do not ship to addresses outside of the US or APO/FPO addresses.

Shipping is FREE! within the Continental United States. To get an accurate estimate of any other costs like tax, we recommend that you go through the order process. You'll be able to see your total costs before you have to complete payment. 

Please email us at, and we’ll make it right. You can also contact us here.

If you’ve received a billboard and the design is not what you expected, contact us at If you can, attach a picture of the issue.


Please see our Pricing Page for information: Pricing

Yes, we provide a discount for non-profits. Please contact us Here and we will get back to you ASAP!

Yes, we do provide volume discounts. Please contact us Here with your request, and we will get back to you asap!

Environmental & Social Responsibility

Our billboards are not recyclable at this time, but we are actively investigating alternatives.

Biggie Billboards strongly supports freedom of speech. We’re honored and proud to help you express your First Amendment rights.

We support First Amendment rights, but there are things that in good conscience we don’t support, including hate speech, harassment, and violence. For a complete discussion on what we will and will not support, please go to our Terms of Service.

Returns & Warranty

If you’re here, it’s because you’re a customer – thanks for your business! If the product was damaged during shipping, or if the product is defective, we’ll replace it. Unfortunately, because every billboard is 100% custom made, we cannot accept product returns.

We’re very sorry if your billboard arrives and has been damaged. We’re going to quickly figure out what happened and get you a new one right away! If your billboard is damaged upon arrival, please email us or at You can also contact us via chat or Here

Biggie Billboards has a limited 90-day warranty. We guarantee that your billboard is custom made to your specifications and is free from defects in materials and manufacture. We warranty that your billboard will fit your pickup truck's tailgate or we’ll cheerfully make you a new billboard if it doesn’t. You can read more Here.


The application of our products to your vehicle is regulated by state law. We have analyzed the applicable laws and regulations in your state relating to vehicle signage and vehicle inspection requirements, and to our knowledge, the products and the use to which they are intended comply with such laws and regulations. Nevertheless, the interpretation of laws and regulations by courts and law enforcement agencies may differ, and the laws and regulations themselves may have since been amended. In addition, local jurisdictions (cities and municipalities) may have enacted supplementary laws and regulations of which we are not aware. While we have made every attempt to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our conclusions, they should not be viewed as a substitute for professional advice.

Any copyrighted or trademarked material that is included in your billboard may require you to obtain permission from the owner of such material or otherwise may require you to comply with the conditions of the fair use exception.

Here’s some information that may be helpful: Business Advertising Expenses and Small Business Tax Deductions.

Biggie Billboards holds a number of patents and has patents pending in key technology areas. 


It only takes minutes to install your billboard! Watch our fun Installation Video and see how.  

Product Performance

Your system should last about a year. To extend the life of your system we recommend you 1) keep the Easy Clips on your truck vs. removing them frequently (this also makes putting on and taking off your billboard easier!), and 2) use moderate not excessive force when tightening the Tensioner Cord.

To install a billboard on your truck you will need a Biggie Billboard Tailgate Attachment System and a billboard. Our Complete Billboard Kit includes a Tailgate Attachment System and a billboard. Check out all the details on our How to Install Page.

Note, too, that you will need a soft cloth or cotton pad, some rubbing alcohol, and a small piece of masking tape (these items are not included in our kit).  

First, make sure your truck is clean and dry. Next, clean the area where you're going to put the tape with rubbing alcohol - just put a little on a cloth or pad and rub gently. This will remove any wax or contaminants that might interfere with adhesion. Ensure your truck is completely dry. Finally, press the Protective Tape firmly onto the tailgate. See our Install Manual for more details.

Make sure your billboard is at least room temperature and then press the Easy Tape firmly onto the billboard. See our Install Manual for more details.

First, make sure your truck is clean and dry. Next, clean the area where you're going to put the Easy Tape with rubbing alcohol- just put a little bit on a cloth or pad and rub gently. This will remove any wax or contaminants that might interfere with adhesion. Ensure your truck is completely dry. Finally, press the Easy Tape firmly onto the truck. See our Install Manual for more details. 

Yes! The Easy Tape can be re-used a number of times. First, clean the tailgate (See "How do I attach the Easy Tape"). Next, wet a cloth or pad with rubbing alcohol and clean the tape with it. Let it dry. Voila! Ready to use.  

No problem! Just dampen a cloth or cotton pad with rubbing alcohol and clean the tape with it. Let it dry completely. Voila! Ready to use. 

The Tensioner Cord has been tested to withstand enormous force and is very unlikely to break. However, fraying or cutting the cord will weaken its strength. For this reason, you should always treat your Tensioner Cord with respect. If for any reason the Tensioner Cord appears damaged do not use your billboard. Please contact us right away at

No! The Tensioner Cord has very exact performance specifications to ensure the proper functioning of the Tensioner and the safety of the mechanical attachment system. Replacing or repairing your Tensioner Cord will invalidate your warranty. 

No. Please remove your billboard before washing your truck. The Easy Clips can stay on, but the billboard itself needs to be removed.

Yes, you can keep it on all year round. Trucks are tough, and so are Biggie Billboards.  

The best way to clean your billboard is to use a clean soft cloth and gentle soap with water; do not scrub with anything abrasive.

If your tailgate has been damaged or modified, a Biggie Billboard may still work on your tailgate. It depends on where the damage is, or the type of modifications. 

Three things that will affect whether a billboard will work on your tailgate are: 

1) Has the height of the tailgate changed? 

2) Has the width of the tailgate changed? 

3) Has the thickness of the tailgate changed? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, contact us Here or email us at and we can assist you. 


The Easy Clips are designed to fit tightly on your tailgate to prevent slipping. However, if you cannot get them on your tailgate, there are a couple of things to check.

First, ensure they are at the correct spot on your tailgate, Use the Clip Height Placement Tool that came with your billboard and measure from the bottom up. The bottom of the Easy Clip should align with the top of the Clip Height Placement Tool when the clip is placed in the correct spot.

If the Easy Clips are in the right location but you can’t fully push them onto the tailgate, you will need to apply more pressure. One option is to take a rubber mallet and tap the clip into place.

Remember, the Easy Clips should fit tightly, so don’t worry if a little bit of force is required to push them onto your tailgate. The combination of Protective Tape and no-scratch material inside the Easy Clips will ensure that your paint job will not get damaged.  

ENSURE THE EASY CLIP IS PRESSED COMPLETELY ONTO THE TAILGATE. If the clip is not pushed completely onto the tailgate, closing the tailgate could damage the body of the truck.   

It’s very important that the easy clips fit snugly. You should have already attached a piece of Protective Tape to your tailgate. If you haven’t done this yet, please do so and test the fit again. If you have done this already and the Easy Clips are still loose, add an additional piece (your kit includes extra strips of Protective Tape). Test the fit of the Easy Clip. If it is not snug, add a third piece of Protective Tape and test the fit again. Your kit also includes latex finger covers. If the clip is still not fitting snugly after 3 layers of Protective Tape, put latex finger covers on the Easy Clip fingers and check the fit again. If the Easy Clips are still loose, contact us Here to get your free replacement Easy Clips.

The Tensioner Cord should be pulled firmly but not with excess force. For most people, pulling firmly with one hand creates about 25 pounds of force and is just about right. Excess force may deform the Easy Clips and loosen the fit over time.

For expert help on getting the best possible fit, email us at You can also watch our Install Video.   

To ensure proper performance of the Easy Tape, please ensure: 

1. That your vehicle is approximately room temperature or warmer before applying 

2. That both the tailgate and the Easy Tape are clean. Clean the tailgate at the point of contact with rubbing alcohol and do the same with the Easy Tape. Let dry and then try attaching your billboard again.

3. That both the tailgate and the Easy Tape are completely dry before attempting to attach your billboard to your truck. 

If this doesn't work, please contact us Here.