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Better than a Truck Tailgate Wrap

It doesn’t matter whether you’re advertising for your business or cheering for your favorite team, your truck’s tailgate is the best way to get your message out there. It’s directly in front of thousands of people every day.

Up until recently a truck tailgate wrap was one of the better ways to do this. But wraps have some serious disadvantages. First, it’s hard for them to cover the whole tailgate and take advantage of all of that beautiful real estate: wraps can’t fit over the logos and other lettering on your tailgate and even have a hard time covering the bumps and curves. The second big drawback to a wrap is the fact that they are permanent. You can’t change your message – ever – when you have a wrap. The final big disadvantage to a tailgate wrap is their cost. Wraps are really expensive!

Biggie Billboards offers a better solution. An entirely new way to take advantage of your whole tailgate. Patent-pending technology creates the world’s first removable and re-usable tailgate banner, 100% custom made to fit your truck. Plus, they look amazing! Every Biggie Billboard is made with premium materials and inks to deliver professional quality graphics....

Up until recently a truck tailgate decal was the way to do this. But decals have some serious disadvantages. Not only are truck tailgate decals too small to really make an impact (after all, you can’t put a decal over a bump or curve or logo on your tailgate), they also come with installation challenges and are virtually permanent. And if you do try to remove them, a truck tailgate decal can damage your truck’s paint job.

We love trucks, and we know you love your truck too. That’s why we’ve engineered Biggie to be tough but gentle on your truck, with no-scratch materials and rubber-padded parts.

Advertising with a Biggie Billboards' truck tailgate banner is just about the most cost-effective advertising money can buy. Simply drive around with a Biggie on your truck and watch the customers start pouring in — it's a low-cost investment with fantastic returns.

Whether you’re a business owner or just someone who wants to share something with the world, Biggie is the solution.

Choose Your Tailgate Billboard

Truck Tailgate Billboards

If you’re a business owner Biggie Billboards™ can help you grow your business. Increase your company's visibility and boost your bottom line with a high-impact truck tailgate banner. Mobile advertising is one of the most effective and efficient forms of outdoor advertising. It’s estimated that 98% of Americans are reached by media targeted to vehicle drivers and passengers. Plus, a single vehicle can generate 30,000 to 70,000 mobile impressions per day! That’s a lot of visibility.

Putting a Biggie Billboard on your car or truck is fast, easy and affordable. Just choose your design, select your vehicle, and put it in your cart for immediate delivery. Then get ready for the most high-impact, cost-effective advertising ever!

When we say easy, we mean really easy

When we say easy, we mean really easy

Bring your
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Got a question? Check out our FAQs!

You have questions about Biggie Billboards, we have answers. Check out our most commonly asked questions below and contact us for more information!

Biggie Billboards supports freedom of speech. We’re honored and proud to support your First Amendment rights. However, there are things we don’t support, including hate speech, harassment, and violence.

Our image library includes both custom-made designs and images from leading image libraries, and we're adding more every day. You can also upload your own images and change designs to meet your needs.

We’re sorry if you can’t find what you’re interested in, but please tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll try to add it to our collection.

It only takes minutes to install your billboard! Watch our fun Installation Video to see how.

Shipping is FREE! within the Continental United States. To get an accurate estimate of any other costs like tax, we recommend that you go through the order process. You'll be able to see your total costs before you have to complete payment.

Please see our Pricing Page for information about pricing options.

While the exact useful life of your billboard depends upon where you live and the conditions your billboard is exposed to, the expected performance life is 1 year.

While UV light from the sun will eventually fade your billboard, most Biggie Billboard owners can expect their billboard to resist significant fading for approximately one year. The rate of fading will vary depending on the amount and intensity of UV exposure.

To install a billboard on your truck you will need a Biggie Billboard Tailgate Attachment System and a billboard. Our Complete Billboard Kit includes a Tailgate Attachment System and a billboard.  You will also need a soft cloth or cotton pad, some rubbing alcohol, and a small piece of masking tape (these items are not included in our kit).

Biggie Billboards has a limited 90-day warranty. We guarantee that your billboard is custom made to your specifications and is free from defects in materials and manufacture. We warranty that your billboard will fit your pickup truck's tailgate and we’ll cheerfully make you a new billboard if it doesn’t.